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September 8, 2010
6:30-9pm, Translations Gallery
Denver, CO

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Moving on to August...
Written by Cal Jacobson
Thursday, July 23 2009 08:53
Thanks to everybody who attended last night's meeting! Although we didn't have a formal presentation this month, we did have an opportunity to look at Maurice Svay's facial detection code and discussed the approach taken and potential optimizations. We also gave away a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, a wireless Microsoft mouse, and several other items o' swag.

We also discussed the future of FRPUG, and I'm happy to report that there is still much interest in keeping the only PHP user group in Colorado up and running. Slowly but surely more and more local PHP developers are learning about our group and bringing their expertise to our meetings. If you live within driving distance of Colorado Springs and have not yet attended a FRPUG meeting, I strongly encourage you to do so!

For our August meeting , Asa Martin will give a presentation about the Dojo Javascript toolkit. We'll post more specific information as we get closer to next month's meeting date.

Additionally, in the coming week I'll be posting the code and slides from some of our presentations earlier this year, including an introduction to Joomla! and PHP graphing options.
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