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April 14, 2010
6:30-9pm, Apex Systems, Inc
Denver, CO

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Presentations - Contents
Adobe Flash and Flex Technologies
Adobe Flex and PHP
Created: 22 Oct 2008
Kevin Hoyt, a technical evangelist with Adobe, gives an introduction to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR, and walks through how to create a Flex application powered by PHP and the Zend Framework.
Getting Started
Apache On Windows
Created: 19 Nov 2008
Asa Martin talks about getting Apache up and running on Microsoft Windows.
Firebug and FirePHP
Created: 08 Oct 2009

David Stockton presented on Firebug and FirePHP and their integration with Zend_Log:

Model View Controller Construct
Created: 17 Dec 2008

On December 17, Dan Lindorf gave a presentation on the basics of the Model, View, Controller (MVC) construct. The MVC pattern is used to create functional separation of application objects through easily defined boundaries. MVC abstraction has proven to be highly effective in creating scalable, high performance web applications and has been adopted as a best practice within the FRPUG.

PHP 5 Magic Methods
Created: 11 Feb 2010

I've posted my presentation slides from last night's FRPUG meeting. I will try to post the screencast later on if you'd like to hear the presentation as well.

Update: I've posted the screencast online now too. It's 1 hour 2 minutes long but you will be able to heard the discussion and questions that took place during the presentation.


WAMP, Wordpress and MediaWiki
Created: 10 Jan 2009
Matt Skinner shows how to get a PHP environment up and going in minutes on a Windows box with WAMP, and how simple it is to install popular applications such as Wordpress and MediaWiki.
PHP Frameworks
CakePHP From 10,000 Feet
Created: 19 Nov 2008
Cal Jacobson talks about his initial experience with CakePHP.
Zend Framework Foundations
Created: 17 Dec 2008

On December 17, Dan Lindorf presented a basic introduction to the Zend Framework. This presentation included an overview of the Zend Framework directory structure, the Zend MVC implementation, class autoloading, the Zend Bootstrap, and many of the cool features built into the Zend Framework library. Due to limited time, Dan was only able to complete half of the presentation. The rest of the presentation will be provded during the January 28 FRPUG meeting.

Simple Zend
Simpl Zend Part 2 Form Layout
Created: 25 Mar 2009

Please try the attached code sample for yourself. If you have questions or comments, please leave them at forums section at this site under presentations.

simple-zend-part-2.zip - file containing source code for the sample

Simple Zend Part I - forms and database
Created: 26 Feb 2009

Please try the attached code sample for yourself.  If you have questions or comments, please leave them at forums section at this site under presentations.

simplezend.zip - file containing source code for the sample

Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
Created: 21 Feb 2010

Improve performance with APC.  This presentation shows how APC improves the performance of a stock Joomla website... known to be very resource heavy.

December Presentations
Created: 22 Dec 2009

Assuming the weather cooperates and we don't have to cancel tomorrow's meeting, presentations will be on Zend Debugger, Unit testing and test driven development, and, if we have time, a little more on Zend_Form, specifically how to use Zend_Form for just validation and filtering with standard HTML forms.

We've got a lot of great prizes to give away and some awesome announcements, so I hope we'll see you there tomorrow night.


First Denver Meeting Recap
Created: 14 Jan 2010

Last night, FRPUG held its first monthly meeting in Denver, and it was a huge success. We had 15 attendees who enjoyed pizza and sodas provided by TEK Systems. Our Vice President, Chad Robertson, presented on debugging PHP using Zend Studio and Zend Debugger. Unfortunately we forgot to screen capture it but Chad may be posting the slides later. If that happens, the link will be here later.

After that, I presented on Unit testing with PHPUnit using a Test Driven Development methodology. That presentation was screen captured and should be posted once I am able to find a place to upload an hour long screencast.

At the end of the presentations, we gave away door prizes which included several Zend T-shirts, a copy of TechSmith's Camtasia Studio, a copy of TechSmith's SnagIt!, and a variety of other cool prizes.

Our next meeting will be in Colorado Springs on January 27. Matt will be presenting on APC (Alternative PHP Cache). Other presentations will be announced as they are determined.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


Introduction to JMeter
Created: 14 Mar 2010

I've finally finished the editing and rendering for Matt Skinner's presentation on JMeter from February 24th at our last Colorado Springs meeting. It can be viewed here: Introduction to JMeter .

You can also view the presentation here, although I think it's slightly smaller and may be more difficult to read the text.

Introduction to JMeter from Matt Skinner on Vimeo .

Thank you to Matt for presenting on this highly useful tool.


Introduction to NoSQL Databases
Created: 13 Mar 2010

Front Range PHPs latest Denver meeting was a huge success. With over 23 people attending with great food and excellent presentations, it was our largest attended meeting so far.

Jon Meredith presenting an excellent and highly entertaining bit on NoSQL databases. The slides for the presentation are below but unfortunately do not capture the humor that came with seeing the presentation live.

John Murray presented on Domain Driven Design and his presentation should be posted in the coming days.

With no further adieu, here's Jon's presentation on NoSQL databases.


November Presentation: Setting up Multi-Site Drupal on the Mac
Created: 13 Dec 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'll be working on that.

In November we had two presentations: Chad presented on Zend_Form and went into how to use filters, validators and decorators. Unfortunately, we forgot to record the presentation so there's not a lot to post on that.

Also, Mike presented on how to set up multi-site Drupal on the Mac. His presentation material is available on his blog .

He also mentioned that if you want to use launchd (Mac native scheduled jobs) instead of cron, he's got that as well .

Thanks to both of these guys for their presentations. I'm looking forward to the December 23rd meeting and I hope we'll see a lot of you there at the Rockrimmon Library. I've got a lot of exciting news to share and we'll have some excellent door prizes to give away.

Update: Mike has posted an updated tutorial on his site: Updating Drupal Multisite on OSX

Thanks, David

PHPUnit and Test Driven Development by Example
Created: 15 Jan 2010

As promised, I've finished the editing of the screen cast and uploaded it to the intarwebs. You can view it here: PHPUnit and Test Driven Development . I step you through creating a functional Zend_Form without having to set up the whole Zend MVC framework.

The form is presented as a standard HTML form that submits to a PHP page for processing. That page simply determines if the form is "valid" or not by calling Zend_Form's isValid() method. The form has three fields: name, email and phone. Using Test Driven Development, I show you how to write unit tests first and then write a little bit of code to make them pass until at the end we've got a fully functional Zend_Form object with validators (Zend_Validate) and filters (Zend_Filter), including development of a custom filter class for formatting the phone number and another filter for allowing alphabetic phone number entry.

Please take a look and send any comments or questions to [email protected] .

I hope you enjoy the screencast, and I hope to see you at our next meeting.


Tutorial: Updating Drupal Multisite on OS X
Created: 24 Mar 2010

Mike Reeves has posted an update to his November presentation on setting up a multisite Drupal installation on the Mac.

You can view the new article here: Updating Drupal Multisite On OS X

Thanks, Mike.

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