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September 8, 2010
6:30-9pm, Translations Gallery
Denver, CO

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July 13, 2010 Meeting and FRPUG News Print
Written by David Stockton
Tuesday, July 06 2010 00:00

Our next Denver meeting is rapidly approaching. On July 13 (please note, this meeting is on a Tuesday as opposed to our normal Wednesday meeting) will be held at the Big Game Restaurant and lounge and sponsored by Remy Corporation. If you've attended either of our last two meetings, you know where it is. If not, it's at 1631 Wazee St in Denver. The meeting will be from 6:30-9:00 and if it's anything like the last two, the fun will continue afterwards. The times from 6:30-7:00 and after 9:00 are great opportunities to network and socialize with your fellow Denver PHP enthusiasts. Also, as before, there will be food and drink provided so please be sure to RSVP by Monday, July 12 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )if you plan on attending so we can have an accurate count. More information will be posted on the meetings page.

We'll have two presentations: Chad Robertson will present on Navicat software and how you can use it to manage the databases for your own projects. Rumor has it that we'll have a couple of copies of Navicat to give away as door prizes. Our second presentation will be about how to build a Flex project that integrates with services built in Zend Framework MVC, or alternatively about how to build services in Zend Framework MVC that you can integrate into your Flex project. Jay Whipple and David Stockton (yours truly) will be co-presenting on this one.

June 23 - Colorado Springs Meeting Print
Written by David Stockton
Tuesday, June 15 2010 21:18

Our upcoming meeting in Colorado Springs on June 23rd will be held at the Tek Systems office in Colorado Springs. Maps and directions can be found on our meetings page.

We'll have two presentations on Wednesday. First, Mark Rairdon will present on the Yii framework. Yii is a lightweight framework that Mark has been using on a lot of his recent projects, even replacing Zend Framework in several cases.

Our second presentation will be Zend Framework Modular Project Setup by Chad Robertson.

He'll be covering how using a modular project structure can be beneficial and how to setup the modular project. Time permitted he will do an interactive demo and get some feedback on how to possibly further encapsulate images, css, and javascript code for portability within the project structure easily.

Chad Robertson's Bio:

Chad is a PHP developer with over 10 years of experience in web development and design. In the 90's Chad was introduced to Internet Relay Chat by a high school friend and immediately fell in love with the internet. After learning HTML and designing a few small web pages he immediately dove face first into e-commerce web development in 1999. After spending less than a year pulling most of his missing hair out programming in Perl he discovered PHP and fell in love with the language.

After being self-employed as a web designer/developer for 5 years, he moved from Iowa to take a job in Denver as web developer for a small company. Not until almost 4 years later he was introduced to Object Oriented development with PHP and Zend Framework. Having made the mistakes many other developers have made (and for much longer than most), He is now very devoted to helping others bypass his mistakes in PHP for the better of web development as a whole.

It should be an excellent meeting and I look forward to seeing you there.


FRPUG Denver Meeting - June 9, 2010 Print
Written by David Stockton
Thursday, May 20 2010 21:03

Our next Denver meeting is going to be huge.

Ryan Stewart is going to talk about the many ways that Flex and PHP work together. He'll cover a quick introduction to Flex, Adobe's application Framework for the Flash Platform and talk about the data visualization features and tooling that make it easy for PHP developers to get started. He will talk about why Flex and PHP go so well together while introducing you to Flex's data visualization components for charting and mapping as well as how to use advanced PHP features like sockets to create real-time applications. Finally he will show off how PHP developers can use some of Flash's advanced services like real-time whiteboarding or video chat and talk about building Android applications with Flash and PHP. You'll walk away with a lot more information about where Flex can be a good fit for PHP developers and what you need to start communicating between the two.

Ryan Stewart is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe Systems. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics he started on the Flash Platform by building eLearning rich Internet applications in Flex 1.5 and ColdFusion 7 for the Wharton School of Business. He is a long time blogger and had a prominent blog on ZDNet where he covered all sides of rich Internet applications. He has spoken at a number of industry conferences including Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe MAX, 360|Flex, SXSW, and Web Design World. When not working with the latest Adobe technology you can find him in Seattle where he enjoys making beer, mountaineering, and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors. You can email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or find his blog at http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com

I'll post more information later on, but mark the date. This is not a FRPUG meeting you'll want to miss.

Until next time,
David Stockton

Colorado Springs Meeting - May 26, 2010 - Code Review Day Print
Written by David Stockton
Thursday, May 20 2010 20:39

Our next meeting in Colorado Springs will feature our very first code review meeting.  Bring in a chunk of code you'd like to present to the group and we'll all discuss what is good about the code and what could be improved.  If you've never worked with other people's code or you're unsure of how you're doing compared to other PHP development shops, this is a great opportunity.  Please bring your code in on a flash drive or CD/DVD.

 We'll also be talking about our upcoming "Community Project".  The Front Range PHP User Group would like to give back by the community by choosing an open source project and getting together to fix bugs, add features, submit patches, write documentation and create unit tests.  This will be a great opportunity to give back as well as learn more about the internals of some of the software you may be using every day.  Please come to the meeting with a project or two you'd be interested in contributing to.

More information about the time and location of the meeting can be found on our meetings page .

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting.


Next Meeting is May 12, 2010 Print
Written by David Stockton
Thursday, May 06 2010 23:11

Hello FRPUGers,

Our next meeting is coming up soon. We'll be meeting at the historic Oxford Hotel in downtown Denver at the offices of Remy Corp who will graciously be sponsoring our meeting location and providing food and beverage. Presentation topics will include Riak, a scalable web database that claims to simplify application development and using jQuery and GD to build some graphics manipulation tools.

Please RSVP by Tuesday since, as I said earlier, there will be food and drink. Send This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it an email to RSVP, or if you have questions...

I look forward to seeing you there.


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